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The Mercedes is an iconic brand of luxury vehicles, that is why I sought to represent this vehicle with a classic look, but enhancing details in it.

Organic helmet for children in collaboration with Polybion.

Cans safety for canned products commercialized in supermarkets.

Bracelet and dispenser pill administration system.

Totem bus is a bus station solution designed for small spaces.

Eco-cycle is designed to solve informal urban transport in popular zones of the State of Mexico.

Toothbrush with interchangeable bamboo bristles manufactured in recycled plastic.

The concept of a clean and pure harmonic bathroom is the main idea of this project, that's why Vanity is a key piece.

Metal coat rack for restaurants and cafeterias with anti-bacterial dispenser.

Versus is a sliding mechanism that allows a simple handle to integrate different knives and tools.

Plastic security lock with acoustic-magnetic sensor designed to be placed on the "shoulders" of Johnnie Walker or Buchana's pocket bottles.

Health wearable

Health device with replaceable adhesive patch for vital signs monitoring.

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"I want industrial design to be a public subject. I want people to love objects the way they love clothing." 

Karim Rashid


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