Helmet GIY

The GIY helmet for children comes up with the idea that it can be created with a kit which the child interacts with and following step by step and with the correct care will create a resistant mycelium helmet which can be used and then recycled without any impact as it is an organic material.


The mycelium are fungus spores that together with a determined type of organic material manage to develop a material that has characteristics of a biopolymer that can replace the conventional expanded styrene, this material is ecological, neutral carbon and of low cost, in addition it is possible to degrade it in about 30 days in conditions of compost.

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After the helmet has grown to have its characteristics, its straps are passed through the upper holes.


Rendering process

Diffuse materials

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Growth process

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Helmet recycling idea


Developed At NOS in collaboration with Polybion
Role: Industrial Designer
Sketching, CAD modeling (Inventor professional) and renderings (Keyshot).
Status: Prototype
Date: 2019