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Informal transport in the State of Mexico is a difficult problem for the government to combat, as it provides a fast, economical service adapted to the needs of the passenger.

The biggest problem is improvisation, the lack of security for both the service provider and the passenger, as neither is regulated. In this sense, the E-cocycle proposal was born to formalise this activity.


The problem

absence of safety elements.

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-07 at
WhatsApp Image 2018-09-07 at

Low-cost, improvised materials and structures.

Transport of objects, shelter from sun and rain.

Informal transport in these areas represents a part of the local economy, but because of the problems of precariousness and almost no formality the service is not stable, it has no authorized stops and no studied tariff. However, the efforts to eliminate this type of transport have been ineffective, because the low investment and regulation makes it a quick entry of money. 


The E-cocycle seeks an efficient and robust transport system adapted to current needs, providing a way to create new business models.


It is powered by 6 rechargeable battery modules which seek to generate new business models, as well as providing new jobs and battery replacement points for drivers.


Battery removed.

Electric power will replace current fossil fuels and become a cleaner and more sustainable transport ecosystem.


It is equipped with LED lighting and with environmental protection elements for the driver and passengers.


It provides space for 4 passengers and to operate the driver must only pedal to be assisted by the electric motor.


There is also space at the back for cargo transport.

Design process

3D modeling and assembly

This project is owned by Alejandro Miravete
and Miravete LMS.
Role: Industrial Designer
Status: Prototype
Date: 2018


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