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Plastic lock JW

Johnnie Walker plastic lock

The Plastic Lock for the pocket bottle of johnnie walker and similar, was designed thinking about the problem suffered by supermarkets with the constant robbery of products, which generate millions of dollars in losses to these sectors, the idea is that the device is placed on the bottles and this is only deactivated when passing through the cash register.


The plastic lock is composed of two pieces that pass through the "neck" of the bottle without damaging the seal and is almost impossible to remove again, however the sensor remains active and secure.


It is manufactured in biodegradable plastic injection molding and preserves the aesthetics and colors of the brand.


The sensor cavity is at the back which does not significantly affect the aesthetics of the product.


It is manufactured in biodegradable plastic injection molding and is available in 3 finishes depending on the brand under the Diageo trademark.


The shape of the piece doesn't affect stackability or retail display arrangements.


It does not affect the opening of the bottle or its aesthetics.


Section view


Back view

Promotional renderings

CMF Process

Developed At NOS
Role: Industrial Designer
Sketching, CAD modeling (Inventor professional) and renderings (Keyshot).
Status: Prototype
Date: 2020

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