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Versus knife with double sliding blade

Versus is a sliding mechanism that allows a single handle to integrate different knives and tools. It is a new way of looking at the classic Swiss Army Knife. It comes in two presentations for different contexts.

Chef&Outdoor (1).jpg

Versus is available in two versions, wooden handle for the Chef version and reinforced plastic handle for the Outdoor version.

Variantes (1).jpg

The blade slides from side to side with the push of a button and the user can switch from one type of blade to another.

Tabla oscuro.jpg

The wooden handle for the Chef edition makes it comfortable for long periods of cooking.


The Chef's Edition has a Puntilla blade knife on one end and a chef's knife on the other. This allows the user to expand the versatility of chopping different ingredients just by pressing the button and sliding the blade to the other end.


Each blade is 10 cm long in its expanded position.

Its packaging is made with 100% recycled paper pulp.


Outdoor edition


The outdoor edition has an everyday multi-tool blade on one side and a cutting blade on the other end. For those who like to fix things or just enjoy outdoor activities. 

Render_mano (1).jpg


Mesa de trabajo 2.jpg

Developed At NOS
Role: Industrial Designer
Sketching, CAD modeling (Inventor professional) and renderings (Keyshot).
Status: Prototype
Date: 2020

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